Since 1912 Abramo Allione has been enhancing the artistic and creative work of the Author. Renowned as one of the oldest and most prestigious Italian music publishing company, Abramo Allione’s repertoire includes musical pieces that differ considerably from one another, spanning many decades and all genres from Italian traditional songs of the 20s to modern pop and dance music. Many songs of its catalogue are featured on h​undreds of hit albums and awarded with gold & platinum all over the World. Abramo Allione promotes the international licensing of its copyrights as well as the recordings it administers. Alongside the more traditional publishing roles of promotion and songplugging, Abramo Allione is also extremely active in the area of audio-visual synchronization. It collaborates with agencies and production companies to license its songs in movies, TV series, commercials, fictions, documentaries. Over 100 years of great songs from “Tango Delle Rose”, “Ninna Nanna Delle Dodici Mamme”, “Nannì, “Creola”, “Nilo Blu” to “Sharazan”, “I Like Chopin”, “Hypnotic Tango”, “Prima Di Andare Via”, “Sarà Perchè Ti Amo” and many others!